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History Of Michelin Tires


Michelin has been widely known for producing high quality standard tires. This article will tackle about the history on how Michelin was born. The history of Michelin is slightly related to a rounded mummy which is a friendly and star status idea in the world of marketing. He is also the person behind the safety and technology involved in Michelin. He personalizes the safety of people who are using automotives and different forms of transport. Michelin has been present in the lives of many people, may it be through plane, subway, car, bicycle or motorcycle.


The connection of the Michelin brand to tires started from the story of a cyclist. It was when the cyclist badly needed a tire at that moment. The cyclist was unhappy that time and he surely had a hard time fixing his tires. He tried to repair it and dry some glue in it in order to bind the tires at www.michelin.com.au to the rim of the bike. After that moment, the brothers Edouard and Andre Michelin who produces brake pads which are made up of canvass and rubber thought of something on how to facilitate their work at its very best. The Michelin brothers did not really has a hard time producing the brake pads since they already had a small factory with 52 employees.


Their factory was located in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, France since 1889. They thought thoroughly on how to best facilitate their work until they patented the first ever demountable tire. This tire surely reduced the repair time by three hours, plus you don't have to let the glue dry for one night since it can dry as fast as 15 minutes. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYnQxEjGq2A to know more about auto repair.


The cyclist named Charles Terront proved that the Michelin tires are surely efficient and can be relied on after he had won a race in Paris-Brest-Paris. The Michelin tires he used was so fast that he was ahead by 8 hours to his nearest rival and 24 hours ahead from the third placer. The invention became very popular after that race that it was patented and it surely gave its inventor enough attention and credits. It was then assured that the product will be developed and will continue to be produced in the future. After that, the Michelin tires surely made a change to the world of automotives and transportation. The Michelin tires became very famous that in a span of one year, there are already more than 10,000 cyclists who rode with Michelin tires. The next step that Michelin did was they manufacture tires for other means of transport, thus, it also let them gain more profit and popularity. Today, Michelin has been manufacturing tires for different automotive forms, visit the link here!